Some Ways to Bring the Cement Trend Into Your Home Decor


Until a few years ago, concrete was traditionally relegated to basements, garages, and sidewalks. It was generally not considered a material that should be brought into apartment buildings, but recently everything has changed.

The concrete trend, also called Cement Trend, is now a common element of Instagram feeds. In addition to providing a solid foundation, concrete is now installed in houses as a floor covering, fixtures and shelves. Polished concrete is characterized by its smooth shine. Sealed concrete looks more matte and has a sealant that protects against water and stains. Marked concrete has a granular and textured surface. Designers and architects can provide a variety of custom concrete options for homes.

Although concrete may seem like a cold, flat material, it actually has this awesome way of creating a neutral backdrop for almost any design style — solid, bohemian, industrial, minimalist, to name a few. It requires less maintenance than some materials, such as hardwood floors, and primarily requires standard cleaning and dust removal. This beautiful chalet by ALL & NOTHING is positive proof of this.

The other remarkable thing about concrete is that it is not limited to flooring and lighting fixtures. Craftsmen began to use the material to create surprising decorative items, from candlesticks to planters and even lamps.

If you are looking for an unexpected, fresh design element that will stand the test of time, look no further than concrete. Here are 11 bloggers, builders, and designers who are doing it right.

A Solid Sink

Concrete is a strong and strong material that can be used for a bathroom sink. Here, two sinks meet a countertop in a bathroom built by NS Builders. Its light color creates a soft and subtle palette for the bathroom and at the same time acts as an impressive design element in an otherwise minimalist room.

Concrete in the kitchen

In a modern farmhouse kitchen, concrete plays well with other design accents such as the navy sapphire cabinets and elegant lighting seen in Lena Torres’ kitchen, you can incorporate concrete elements into your kitchen, starting with an island or the countertop, or if you really want to dedicate yourself to the trend, you can go from scratch with a floor, countertops, an island, and even a backsplash. The shades of gray will look great, paired with cabinets in a bold shade.

A concrete bath

A concrete bathtub, like this bathtub designed by Kelle Continue, is sure to be a sight to behold in your bathroom. Many homeowners love their concrete tubs for their luxurious quality and the ability to provide a good bath. The installation is involved — they can weigh thousands of pounds and require a lot of expertise to implement-but it will certainly be a timeless fixture that you can enjoy for years to come.

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