Merit And Demerit of Cut and Loop Carpet


A cut and loop is a kind of carpet made by combining curly fibers with cut (straight) fibers. This allows the manufacturer to create a Design in the carpet that can be geometric or abstract.

Cut and Loop carpet was very fashionable in the 1970s and 1980s, but lost popularity in the 90s. With many new contemporary styles introduced in recent years, Cut and Loop has become fashionable again.


Carpet dents will be far away!

Cut and loop pattern

The cut and loop styles of the 70s and 80s were mainly available in a “carved” or “carved” design, which included a cut-out floor mat with a few unadorned lines of Random loops – much like a marble structure. These were dramatic and multicolored looks in the 70s and faded in the 80s to softer and more discreet tones.

Today there is much more variety in the design of cuts and curls, and most of them have moved from the sculptural appearance to more geometric designs. Current styles include small square or diamond-shaped patterns, made by contrasting the outline of the shape with the actual shape, or needlepoint styles: a short carpet, with a cut pile, with several tight loops grouped at small intervals. Some abstract styles can also be found, as in the “wave” models.


The main advantage of the Cut-and-Loop style is its appearance. Cut and loop patterns give a rug a nice texture and visual interest and are a matter of personal preference ― some people prefer it, others don’t.

Since many of today’s design trends are highly dependent on texture, cut and curl styles go well with contemporary decor.


The main disadvantage of this type of carpet is that it tends to create a worn look, even if the carpet works as it should. This is due to the fact that the longer cut fibers bend or bloom over the shorter curly fibers, thereby effectively hiding the curly fibers.

Regardless of the length of the fibers cut, it is in the nature of each fiber to move, bend or flatten. This is less obvious in a cut floor carpet like a carpet where all the fibers are cut and move together and are supported by adjacent fibers. With a cut and a loop, there is a gap in the cut fibers (where the loops are present), so it is much more obvious that the cut fibers bend. This can make the carpet look worn.

Another disadvantage to cutting and grinding is the cost. In general, most cuts and curls are more expensive than Berbers, Saxons, or friezes of comparable quality and fiber type due to the additional complexity of creating the patterns.

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